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Readers Respond: Your Reasons for Shakespeare's Popularity?

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Four centuries have passed since Shakespeare first wrote his plays and sonnets. We ask you to tell us what you think is so enduring about the man and his work.

So go on: share your thoughts – and tell us why Shakespeare is still popular.

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he is not

first he didn't write ANY description and he create any of his own works (he got them from other books and poems). All he did is write things in flowery language and that language was just the way of speaking back then


conspiracy theories are interesting and shakespeare is surrounded by them.
—Guest viola\cesario

worlds first sarcasm

i think shakespeare invented sarcasm and wordplay and puns
—Guest madam cheeseface

Spokesman for humanity

Shakespeare had something to say about any situation we may find ourselves in.
—Guest GB

Political intrigue

Some of the politics in his plays can be applied to the politics of today.
—Guest Anu

gentle Will

Because we "flame amazement" when we read or hear his words. Because "in accents yet unknown" he will enthrall. Because he can "pluck the root of sorrow" and :give to airy nothing a local habitation and a name." Because he will be with us "to the last syllable of recorded time."
—Guest Bill Moen

Shakespeare's Popularity?

He was a damned good writer and storyteller. Pick your story, pick your phrase, pick your sonnet; his writing is in a class by itself. "Tis a walkin shadow, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Tell me please who talks/writes better than that?

He was one of us.

My father once told me that if I took the time to look beyond the words,as wondrous as they are,and examine the characters,I just may discover that Shakespeare understood our humanity,warts and all, better than any person that walked the earth.
—Guest wahoomurf

not just for an age

As Ben Jonson so succinctly put it Shakespeare "was not just of an age but for all time." Thus, rather than being archaic museum pieces, the works attributed to Shakespere are just as relevant in the twenty first century as they were in the Elizabethan age, for human nature is the one thing that never seems to change throughout history. Also, as people fail to learn from history, then the same tragedies brought about by war, ambition, greed and political machinations continue to inflict our society. It is also often the case that those who should be wise are fools, wheras those who appear fools are often truly wise. The fact that the plays transpose readily into modern settings, both on stage and screen is fitting testimony to the above statements.
—Guest prospero's son

Shakespeare's Popularity

the only reason shakespeare is still popular after 400 years is because it is forced upon us in schools. things become popular because of exposure, if people aren't told about it then no one knows. there are many other playwrights of that particular time who are just as good and they are relatively unheard of. some people once decided that they would be good to study and actually teachers have been brainwashed into thinking they are relevant so that they will actually agree to teach them
—Guest jazz294

Romeo and Juliet

I don't know him that well, but his plays were good. Now they make movies about him and he is very loved!
—Guest yairazaret rivera

Shakespeares popularity

I think his work is still popular because of the way it was written. He was clever and his works are well written. He was just a good writer who wrote about people.
—Guest CJAdams

He Was Given Glory by God

He was a good puppet to the lord and wrote all about redemption and the humbling of man. The glory of love. The power of god. He knew the lord and the lord knew him. The plays are all about the lord Prospero as one of them. In ‘Measure for Measure’ who do think the King really was? He was a profit and I say this not by belief not by faith but by knowledge. If you want the same wisdom then fear the lord.

Political Reality

Shakespeare prepares citizens for he clearly demonstrates the extremes, nuances and cruelty of ambition. He prepares men and women for the rough seas of romantic love and its alternative security. He prepares everyone for the fluidity of language, surprising and alarming the reader and hearer.

Master of Metaphor and Psychology

Shakespeare is like a multi splendoured dome. The dome is brilliant and colorful. The secret of his fascination is his plumbing the depths of the human mind. He brings home both the beauty of life and the ugliness of it. He is non-ideological and entirely situational. He is empathy incarnate. He is the master of metaphor and picture. His poetry sensitizes our senses whereas others can benumb them.
—Guest mvr prasad

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Your Reasons for Shakespeare's Popularity?

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