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Much Ado About Nothing Play Review

Reader Reviews: 'Much Ado About Nothing' – Review the Play

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Nathan

'Much Ado About Nothing'

My Review 

Much Ado About Nothing is a nonsensical representation of life in Shakespearean times. The play could be called a comedic romance, as the play is centered on the love stories of two separate couples. However, the play does not have a serious tone, and is filled with humor to entertain the audience/reader.

The main characters of the story are Benedick, Beatrice, Claudio, and Hero. Benedick and Beatrice both vow at the beginning of the play that they would never marry anyone, especially each other. But by the end of the play, they end up falling in love, after much arguing, fighting, and insulting is exchanged between them. Claudio and Hero are a dramatic couple, to say the least. Claudio recruits his friend, the Prince, to “woo” Hero for him, instead of doing it himself. Then, later in the play, several characters plot to destroy Claudio’s and Hero’s marriage by convincing Claudio that Hero has been disloyal. Claudio takes this information and decides to publicly humiliate Hero on their wedding day. This leads to some trouble for Claudio.

Benedick and Beatrice are neither very likeable, as they are constantly insulting each other. They do not add a pleasant tone to the scenes where they are performing, yet they add humor to the play. Claudio isn’t very liked when he shames Hero because it was a mean thing to do and the reader of the play knows Claudio is wrong. However, Claudio is forgiven once the reader sees he is apologetic. It is easy to like Hero because she is so innocent throughout the play and it is easy to relate to her, as a reader or audience of the play.

The play is quite humorous all throughout it; even the most boring scenes have some form of humor thrown in. This makes the play fun and interesting to read, perform or watch, as it always keeps you on your toes. Every time you read this play, it will make sense more and keep you laughing and amused. I give this play 5/5 stars!

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