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How to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday


Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday

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Shakespeare was born and died on 23 April – and over 400 years on, we are still celebrating his birthday. Joining up with a Bard birthday bash is the best way to celebrate, but if you’re unable to attend an event, throw your own party!

Here are my top five ways to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday:

1. Perform a Scene

Dust off that old Shakespeare book and act out your favourite scene. Couples can try the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, or the entire family can attempt the tragic ending from Hamlet. Remember: Shakespeare didn’t write his plays to be read – they were to be performed! So, get into the spirit and start acting.

2. Read a Sonnet

Shakespeare’s sonnets are some of English literature’s most beautiful poetry. It’s a delight to read aloud. Ask everyone at the celebration to find a sonnet that they like and read it to the group. If you’re not sure how to read Shakespeare aloud, we have some advice to make your performance sparkle.

3. Take a Shakespeare Quiz

Shakespeare deserves his reputation as the most influential writer in all English literature. Everyone at your Bard birthday bash will be able to think up a Shakespeare quotation, but do they know their Hamlet from their Macbeth? Their Winter's Tale from their Coriolanus? One-by-one, see how you score in one of our fun Shakespeare quizes and give a Shakespearean prize to the winner.

4. Visit the Globe

Ok, this might be difficult if you don’t live in London! But with PaperToys.com you can build your own globe and keep the family entertained all afternoon. Visit www.papertoys.com/globe.htm, print out all the parts you need and reconstruct Shakespeare's "wooden O".

5. Watch a Branagh Film

Kenneth Branagh has made some of cinema’s best Shakespeare film adaptations. In my opinion Much Ado About Nothing is his most upbeat, celebratory film – the perfect film to finish of the Bard’s birthday bash.

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