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So, you think you know your Shakespeare? Find out with our interactive quizzes or brush up with our essential Shakespeare trivia.
  1. Shakespeare FAQ (18)

Romantic Shakespeare – Your Top Romantic Shakespeare Moments
When it comes to being romantic, Shakespeare wins outright. Here we present your top romantic Shakespeare moments.

Tell Us About Your Shakespeare Blog
Shakespeare blogs are a great place to discover new perspectives on the Bard. If you write a Shakespeare blog share your site with About.com readers. See submissions

Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations
How did you celebrate Shakespeare's birthday? Readers share their stories and photos from the Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations 2010. See submissions

Study Shakespeare
Do you need to study Shakespeare but don't know where to begin? Our step-by-step study Shakespeare guide contains everything you need to know to read and understand the plays and sonnets. We guide you through step-by-step and build your essential understanding of the Bard and provide you with helpful study Shakespeare resources along the way.

Your Favorite Shakespeare Characters - Nominate Your Favorite Shakesp…
Shakespeare has written some of the best characters in the history of literature. Nominate your favorite Shakespeare characters on About.com and share your reasons with others.

Top 5 Shakespeare Characters
Who's made it into our top 5 list of Shakespeare characters? Find out with our essential guide to the best Shakespeare characters.

Shakespeare Love Quotes
Discover the top 10 Shakespeare love quotes with the world's most romantic poet and dramatist. Shakespeare is responsible for 'Romeo and Juliet' and Sonnet 18, the greatest love story and poetry ever written.

Why is Shakespeare Still Popular?
Four centuries have passed since Shakespeare first wrote his plays and sonnets. We ask why his work has been so enduring.

Your Entries For Shakespeare’s Greatest Icons
A list of 13 names were entered the hall of fame at Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon - but many important names were missed. Who would enter into the Shakespeare hall of fame?

Shakespeare’s Greatest Icons
Shakespeare greatest - The hall of fame at Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon displays the faces of Shakespeare’s greatest icons. Discover the list of 13 names, as selected by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Shakespeare Quiz
Do you think you know your Shakespeare? Our Shakespeare quiz is designed to be used as a study aid – or just for fun! Whatever your reason, select from one of the Shakespeare quizzes below and put your knowledge to the tes

How to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday
Want to throw your own Shakespeare birthday party? Here’s our top 5 ways to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday.

'Macbeth' Quiz - How well do you know 'Macbeth'?
‘Macbeth’ is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, but how well do you know it? Go on, challenge your knowledge with our fun quiz.

Know Your Shakespeare Quotations?
Do you know your 'Hamlet' from your 'Macbeth'? Your 'Winter's Tale' from your 'Coriolanus'? Well, now's your chance to put it to the test with our quotations quiz

Shakespeare Quotations
The most memorable lines from the world's greatest playwright - How many Shakespeare quotes do you recognize?

Shakespeare Quotation Quiz
Many of our popular phrases derive from Shakespeare's plays - but can you match the phrase with the correct play? Test your knowledge with this short quiz.

Shakespearean Insults
Make "thy lips rot off" with this Shakespearean insult generator.

Which of Shakespeare's Characters do you Most Resemble?
Find out which of Shakespeare's characters you most resemble with this quiz from the BBC's Shakespeare Retold season.

Famous Shakespeare Quotes
Discover the top 10 famous Shakespeare quotes from the world's greatest poet and dramatist. Famous Shakespeare quotes come from great plays like 'Hamlet' and 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Shakespeare Letters – A Collection of Fictional Shakespeare Letters
These Shakespeare letters are a fictional collection written by the readers of About.com. Why not contribute your own Shakespeare letter?

Shakespeare Letters – A Collection of Fictional Shakespeare Letters
These Shakespeare letters are a fictional collection written by the readers of About.com. Why not contribute your own Shakespeare letter?


Think you know the Bard? Here are 5 facts about Shakespeare to get you thinking. How many did you know?

Shakespeare Quotes - Your Top Shakespeare Quotes
Share your favourite Shakespeare quotes and tell us why you love them. Also, read the favourite Shakespeare quotes from fellow readers.

Valentine's Day Poem
Are you looking for the most romantic Valentine’s Day poem ever? Then look no further than Shakespeare’s greatest, most heart-tingling sonnet. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day poem! Read on.

Shakespeare Questions – Answers to Top Shakespeare Questions
Shakespeare Questions – Answers to Top Shakespeare Questions

Globe Theatre Facts
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London is a remarkable building with a remarkable history. Here are our top five interesting Globe Theatre facts.

Shakespeare for Kids
Our Shakespeare for Kids ideas include making, drawing, acting and swashbuckling activities. Read our Top 3 Shakespeare for kids activities.

Your Shakespeare for Kids Activities
Discover Shakespeare for kids activities from fellow readers - and share your own Shakespeare for kids ideas.

About Shakespeare
Need to learn about Shakespeare fast? We’re here with a fast-track Shakespeare 101 to teach you everything you need to know about Shakespeare.

Quotes from Shakespeare Plays - The Comedies
Shakespeare's comedies offer some of the most memorable quotes from Shakespeare plays. Here, we delve into every one of the Bard's comedies and pick the most famous quotes from Shakespeare Plays. Enjoy!

Quotes from Shakespeare Plays
A selection of the most famous quotes from Shakespeare Plays. Here, we focus on the tragedies. Enjoy!

Quotes by Shakespeare
Share your favorite quotes by Shakespeare with fellow readers and read contributions from others.

Plays by Shakespeare
What are the top 5 plays by Shakespeare? Find out in our top picks list and see if your favorite plays by Shakespeare are included.

Best Plays – Shakespeare
What are the Bard's best plays? Shakespeare has penned many of our best plays, but what should be included in the Top 5? Share your favorite with other readers.

Love Shakespeare?
Do you love Shakespeare? Here’s 5 reasons why everyone should love Shakespeare. Read on!

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