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Discover more about Shakespeare's sonnets with our overviews and study guides. You can also read his sonnets here and discover the Bard's poetry first hand.
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  3. The Fair Youth Sonnets (Sonnets 1 – 126)
  4. The Dark Lady Sonnets (Sonnets 127 – 152)
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About the Sonnets

The Shakespearian Sonnet has had a long and confusing history. We ask to whom they were dedicated, how they have been misprinted over the years, and question whether Shakespeare even wanted them published in the first place?

Study the Sonnets

Read Shakespeare's sonnets alongside our overviews and critical analyses. Our study guides also provide you with sample exam questions designed to improve your critical reading skills.

The Fair Youth Sonnets (Sonnets 1 – 126)

The Fair Youth Sonnets are the first sequence and are addressed to a young man with whom the poet has a deep friendship.

The Dark Lady Sonnets (Sonnets 127 – 152)

In the second sequence of sonnets, the poet becomes infatuated with a mysterious woman. Her relationship with the young man is unclear.

Read Popular Sonnets

Read Shakespeare's sonnets first hand on About.com. Here, I've selected some of the most popular sonnets.

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