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Globe Theatre Facts

Top 5 Globe Theatre Facts


Wooden O – Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Wooden O – Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Photo © John Tramper

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London is a remarkable building with a remarkable history. Here are our top five interesting Globe Theatre facts:

Top 5 Globe Theatre Facts:

  1. Reconstruction. The building that currently stands in London is a replica built from traditional materials and techniques. The original building was demolished to make way for tenements in 1644.

  2. The Globe Theatre was stolen. The building originally started life on the opposite side of the River Thames and was simply called The Theatre. After a row over land leases and ownership, the building was stolen and rebuilt across the river – this time with the name The Globe. Our guide to the history of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre reveals all.

  3. 3,000 Spectators. The Wooden O, is it became known, could host 3,000 spectators in its 100 foot diameter.

  4. Open Air. The Globe was an open air theatre experience and therefore exposed to the awful English weather! Productions are still performed in open air today.

  5. William Shakespeare was a shareholder. As an astute businessman, the young Shakespeare bought shares in the theatre and benefited financially when his popularity grew.
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