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The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is almost as famous as Shakespeare himself. Discover the building's long and interesting history and learn about its reconstruction.

The Theater Expereince in Shakespeare's Lifetime
Exploring the context of Shakespeare's theater gives you a fuller understanding of his plays. Shakespeare wasn't writing for today's literary audience; he was writing for the masses, many of whom couldn't read or write.

The Globe Theatre - An Overview
The Globe was not the only theater in London, as the Cambridge History of English and American Literature reminds us. Read the article about the Globe itself, and discover London's other Elizabethan theaters.

The Globe Theatre - A History
Need a concise overview of the Globe Theatre from its erection in 1598 to its reconstruction in 1996? Read on!

Visit the Globe Theatre
Visit the Globe Theatre with this 3D animated model. The animation requires Quicktime, but you can view still images if you are not running this programme.

Build your own Globe Theatre
Want to build your own Globe Theatre? Print out all the parts you need and reconstruct Shakespeare's "wooden O".

Reconstructing the Globe Theatre
With only scant historical evidence to go on, a faithful reconstruction of the Globe Theatre was difficult to achieve. This article reviews some of the problems encountered.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
A brief history of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London from 1598 to the present day. Discover Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Globe Theatre Pictures
Explore Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Pictures from this outstanding building can give you a real insight into the world of William Shakespeare.

Globe Theatre Facts
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London is a remarkable building with a remarkable history. Here are our top five interesting Globe Theatre facts.

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