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Shakespeare in Performance

If Shakespeare's plays were written for the stage, then we should appreciate them in performance. Here you can learn about major productions, festivals and films, and even get advice on how to perform Shakespeare yourself.
  1. Teaching Shakespeare (8)

Perform Shakespeare – Your Tips On How To Perform Shakespeare
Want to perform Shakespeare but don’t know where to begin? Shakespeare's language can be daunting to the newbie actor and learning to speak those words aloud is a skill in itself. Here, you can share top tips to help you perform Shakespeare for the first time.

How to Read Shakespeare Aloud
Shakespeare made reading his plays aloud as easy as possible. Everything an actor needs is right there in the dialogue - you just need to know what you're looking for.

Performing Shakespeare
Ben Crystal is the author of 'Shakespeare on Toast', a new book that dispels the myth that Shakespeare is difficult. Here, he shares his thoughts about performing Shakespeare and reveals his top tips for first-time actors.

Discovery Through Performance
Shakespeare was written for performance, and should therefore be explored through performance. This article argues that there's no "right" way to perform the texts.

Looking at Shakespeare
This comprehensive book by Dennis Kennedy explores stage productions of Shakespeare's work from around the world.

The Complete Works
Delve into the archive for The Complete Works, the Royal Shakespeare Company's biggest ever international festival. This year-long event presented every play, sonnet and poem - the first time this has ever been attempted at the same event.

Shakespeare on Film
A list of the most important film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays

Interview: Kenneth Branagh
In this insightful interview, Kenneth Branagh discusses his experience of translating Shakespeare to film and talks frankly about the experience of performing Shakespeare.

World Shakespeare Festival
Get all the facts about the World Shakespeare Festival 2012 - festival highlights, who's involved and exactly how big is the World Shakespeare Festival? Read on!

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