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Who Was Shakespeare?

"Who Was Shakespeare?" - A Simple Question With a Big Answer


Who was Shakespeare? Without doubt he was the greatest poet and dramatist the Western world has ever seen. However, this simple question has a complex answer! In asking “who was Shakespeare?” we discover the Bard’s eventful life, the reasons for his popularity and reveal the authorship controversy: Exactly who was Shakespeare?

Shakespeare's Biography

Who was William Shakespeare? Amazingly, historians know very little about his life. This biography looks at the surviving evidence and paints a picture of the world's most famous playwright.

Shakespeare's Time

Discover how Shakespeare was a product of his time and how living in renaissance England influenced his writing.

The Cobbe Portrait

The Cobbe portrait is considered to be the only authentic image of Shakespeare made during his lifetime, and is considered to be the original painting from which today’s iconic image of the Bard was copied.

Why is Shakespeare so Popular?

Why has Shakespeare been so popular for over 400 years? We look at the secret to his success.

Shakespeare Authorship Debate

Shakespeare's true identity is in dispute. Explore the main theories surrounding the Shakespeare authorship debate and reach your own conclusion on who wrote Shakespeare.
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