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About William Shakespeare

Learn About William Shakespeare


Would you like to learn about William Shakespeare? We’ve brought together our best articles about William Shakespeare to give you a real sense of who he was and the time in which he lived.

For one of the most famous names in history we know surprisingly little about the Bard, so here’s out essential reading about William Shakespeare.

1. Where Was Shakespeare Born?

Where better to start than with the birth of William Shakespeare back in 1564. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK and his family’s house can still be visited today. This article tells you about his birth and the story of preserving one of the UK’s most important literary landmarks

2. Shakespeare Lost Years

Learning about William Shakespeare can be difficult because the historical record is patchy to say the least. He keeps dropping off the radar at important parts of his life. This article about the so called Lost Years brings together some of the main theories about what William Shakespeare did as a young man and how he started his journey into becoming the World’s most respected playwright.

3. Living in Shakespeare's Time

The important thing about William Shakespeare is that he was writing during a period of unprecedented social and cultural change. His genius and the cultural landscape of the time collided – and it was this that secured the Bard’s place in history. Find out why in this article.

4. Was Shakespeare Catholic?

Was Shakespeare Catholic? This has become a hot topic amongst scholars and historians. Shakespeare’s plays are laden with Catholic references – something that would have been very dangerous at the time! Shakespeare’s religious beliefs can tell us much about why he wrote his plays and his political standpoint.

5. The Theater Experience in Shakespeare’s Lifetime

To really get a grip on the plays, you need to understand the theater for which they were written. Theater then was nothing like it is today – and this article is written to give you a taste of Shakespeare’s theater.

6. Shakespeare’s Death

Do we know how Shakespeare died? Where was he buried? Find all the facts in this article.
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