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Shakespeare Glossary

Need help with those tricky literary terms? Complete your understanding of Shakespeare's work with our glossary and improve the quality of your critical writing. Being able to discuss and apply literary terms is an essential part of your coursework, class essays and examinations.

Holy Trinity Church
Shakespeare was buried in Stratford-upon-Avon's Holy Trinity Church, where you can still visit his grave and read his epitaph.

Important Terms
A glossary of important terms from Encyclopaedia Britannica, providing detailed information on each.

Shakespeare Dictionary
Get definitions and translations of words used by Shakespeare, but no longer in use with this comprehensive dictionary.

Searchable Shakespeare Glossary
This searchable glossary is based on C. T. Onions' classic reference book, A Shakespeare Glossary. It is an invaluable aid to your studies.

Shakespearean Book Printing Terms
A glossary of Shakespeare-related book printing terms from the British Library

Word Finder
This tool is useful is you need to quickly find Shakespearean quotes or references. Search all of Shakespeare's plays in seconds.

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