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Shakespeare - By Category

Shakespeare Basics
Shakespeare isn't difficult. Find out everything you need to know about the Bard with our simple and concise guides.

Shakespeare's Life
Who was William Shakespeare? Learn about the life and times of the world's most famous playwright and find answers to your questions. Did he actually write the plays? Where was he buried?

The Plays
Discover more about Shakespeare's plays with our overviews and study guides. You can also read play extracts and discover the Bard's work first hand.

The Sonnets
Discover more about Shakespeare's sonnets with our overviews and study guides. You can also read his sonnets here and discover the Bard's poetry first hand.

Shakespeare in Performance
If Shakespeare's plays were written for the stage, then we should appreciate them in performance. Here you can learn about major productions, festivals and films, and even get advice on how to perform Shakespeare yourself.

The Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre is almost as famous as Shakespeare himself. Discover the building's long and interesting history and learn about its reconstruction.

Audition Speeches
Auditioning for drama school, an exam or professional work? No idea where to start with your Shakespeare speech? Well, our collection of audition guides is here to help with everything from selecting the speech to the final performance.

Improve your critical understanding of Shakespeare with our academic study guides to critical approaches and our collection of interviews with leading Shakespeare experts.

Shakespeare's Legacy
Learn why Shakespeare is the most influential writer of all time and discover his massive contribution to the English language.

Trivia, Quizzes and Quotations
So, you think you know your Shakespeare? Find out with our interactive quizzes or brush up with our essential Shakespeare trivia.

Shakespeare Glossary
Need help with those tricky literary terms? Complete your understanding of Shakespeare's work with our glossary and improve the quality of your critical writing. Being able to discuss and apply literary terms is an essential part of your coursework, class essays and examinations.

Royal Shakespeare Company
The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is the World’s leading producer of Shakespeare. Headquartered in the Bard’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, the Royal Shakespeare Company works hard to connect new audiences with Shakespeare’s writing and theater.

Complete Works of Shakespeare
Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare online. Every month we’ll be adding the complete and original texts from Shakespeare’s plays to build up the Complete Works of Shakespeare online.


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