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Lee Jamieson

Shakespeare March 2009 Archive


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Shakespeare Treasure Hunt

Sunday March 29, 2009
I’ve been re-reading Hamlet recently. I originally picked up the book to find a quotation and inevitably got drawn in. Spending the afternoon with my nose in a book allowed ... Read More

10 Seconds to get into Drama School

Wednesday March 25, 2009
I’ve heard it said many times, but it’s true. The drama school audition panel make up their mind about you in the first 10 seconds of your Shakespeare speech – ... Read More

Iambic Pentameter: The Rhythm of Life?

Sunday March 22, 2009
Does the thought of iambic pentameter terrify you? I remember being baffeled by it at school myself because I got bogged down in counting syllables and working out where the ... Read More

How to Pass an Audition

Wednesday March 18, 2009
Now that the drama school audition season is in full-swing, I’m revealing my top tips for your Shakespeare audition. “How do I pass the Audition” will be the question on ... Read More

Is This Really Shakespeare?

Sunday March 15, 2009
Last week, a newly discovered portrait of Shakespeare was unveiled to the public for the first time. Could this really be what Shakespeare looked like? The research conducted since its discovery ... Read More

Applying for Drama School? Start Reading Now!

Wednesday March 11, 2009
It’s that time of year again when all the Shakespeare books disappear from the library. Drama school hopefuls everywhere will be starting to panic about their forthcoming auditions – and ... Read More

What does “Theater” mean anyway?

Monday March 9, 2009
With excavations continuing on The Theatre, the Globe Theatre’s predecessor, I’ve been imagining what the theater experience must have been like in Shakespeare’s day. Imagine slipping out the city walls of ... Read More

Shakespeare in the Classroom

Wednesday March 4, 2009
Last year, I conducted an interview with Duncan Fewins, an educator that works with organizations to improve the quality of Shakespeare education in the UK. Since that interview, I’ve been haunted ... Read More

(Not Quite) The Shakespeare Sexuality Debate

Monday March 2, 2009
In the UK, schools have been celebrating a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History month which has included a school performance of Romeo and Julian – a gay take on Shakespeare’s ... Read More

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