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Lee Jamieson

I'm Falling in Love with The Fool

By October 31, 2012

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King Lear is fast becoming my favourite Shakespeare play ... not quite there, but rising up the ranks!

Perhaps it says something about me, but I'm falling in love with the Fool ... the character that constantly reminds King Lear about the consequences of his actions. It seems so safe now-a-days, but in Renaissance England where the King was considered to be divine, the Fool must have been a dangerous role!

Only the court jester who could speak to the King honestly, amusing him whilst also reminding him of his humanity. That sounds like dicing with death to me!

Note: More King Lear scenes have been added...


January 9, 2013 at 11:55 am
(1) JT says:

I love Lear! We presented it a year ago with our acting company. We made the decision to have the actress that plays Cordilia also play the fool, not just as a double cast, but actually as Cordelia making the decision to act as the fool to stay near her Father. It is an interesting decision, and if you note, they never appear onstage at the same time, and it gives a new meaning when Lear holds Cordelia and mentions”my Fool is also hanged”, as though he finally realizes who she is.try looking it over from this aspect, it actually work fairly well.

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